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  1. Tobei 2 years ago

    Okay, I live 80 miles south of this. I've got this fire to the north of me, another one south of me, one about 50 miles east of me, and for the last 2 weeks it's hard to see further than a few blocks at midday from all the smoke. This WP bit has more info than the last 2 weeks of local TV newscasts from all of the major affiliates combined. LOCAL TV NEWS.FACEPALM. I swear to god, local news, all of the affilates, their coverage sucks so much and always makes Trump look like he's not useless (cause they have no time to go in depth on any topic, just repeat statements made by politicians and interview 2 to 3 rubes on the street for their idiot opinions), and I don't even think any of these are Sinclair owned. People say cable news is garbage but local news is a mountain of used diapers on fire.

  2. Daira
    Daira 2 years ago

    Quiero conocerte aceptame

  3. Faera 2 years ago

    So it bothers you when Obama took a stand you considered weak, but you defend Trump for doing the same?

  4. Tukinos
    Tukinos 2 years ago

    I gobble the catches sight of off her undies

  5. Meztisida
    Meztisida 2 years ago

    Hi, Was just in Makati looking to fuck pinay

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